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Sadhana Bhumi, Nepal the other home of Yoga. By Gaby

It does not come naturally to associate Yoga and Nepal. The first thing that comes to your mind is Trekking, not Yoga. It is funny that just the opposite applies to India, you would not think Trek but Yoga. The fact is that there are wonderful mountains to trek in India and amazing yogis associated with Nepal. So why is this almost natural segregation?

When we refer to yoga, we are talking about a tradition of several thousands of year and Nepal or India as political boundaries are from the 18th century only, and obviously the Vedic Rishis and sages of the Upanishad who where so eager to transcend the limitation of the mind had other things to do than bother about political boundaries!
When we say yoga is India’s contribution to the world, this “India”, the historical India is the subcontinent and its geographical extent goes far beyond today’s Indian political boundaries. In fact it includes all the foothills of the Himalaya (much of today’s Nepal) up to the mountains of Afghanistan to the west and to what is today Bangladesh to the east and would even include Sri Lanka to the South.

Nepal, just like India, was shared and ruled by a number of local princes. The unification was done in 1768, under Prithvi Narayan Shah, a Gorkha king, and Nepal was often referred to as the Gorkha Kingdom. Gorkha was a name referring to the 8th century Hindu warrior saint Goraknath, disciple of Matsyendranath who is said to have brought Hatha Yoga to the world, after having heard it from Shiva himself, when he was spending some time at the bottom of the Ocean with Parvati.

So here are a few reasons to correct this mis-perception:

Nepal today offers a unique blend of Hindu and Buddhist culture, the two main religious influences over Yoga practices. In the Newar culture of the Katmandu Valley, some temples are the place of Hindu festival on certain days and Buddhist pilgrimage on another, completing an interesting and unique fusion. Some of the last genuinely tantric practice alive are also present and represented by the Vajrayana Buddhism tradition since Nepal host a large Tibetan refugee community.

Katmandu valley alone has 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites related to both Hinduism and Buddhism, some of these places are some of the most visited pilgrimages site in the sub-continent and here the tradition is very alive. Together with the hundred of temples, shrines, monastery, stupas, pilgrimage sites, it makes the Katmandu Valley the most amazing “full size” mandala, a unique tribute to the spiritual architecture of its Vedic and tantric past.

Baghwar, one of the powerful place of the Shivapuri National Park
The Himalaya: home of Yogis for thousand of years. Also called “Tapo Bhumi” the land of practice (tapas) and mostly home of the God-heads Bhrama, Vishnu and Shiva (as described in the old Purana “Himavatkhandah” or “chapter on the Himalaya”) the Himalaya is home of many caves, hermitages and most importantly the “ageless body” of all these famous enlightened masters who have escaped to Nirvana and are waiting to inspire you.

The Mahasiddhas and the Nath tradition is at home in Nepal. Matsyendranath and his disciple Goraknath, founder of the Hatha Yoga tradition are also ever present in what was once called the “Gorkha Kingdom”. During spring one of the most amazing festival takes place in Nepal: the huge chariot of “Rato Matsyendranath” is man-pulled across the city of Patan, a festival not be missed!

Of course, last but not least, Nepal is also the birth place of Lord Buddha (Lumbini). There are many more reasons to come to Nepal of course but they 

When people ask us why we are conducting yoga training and retreats in Nepal, these are a few of the reasons we give, but there are many other, somehow insignificant but powerful. For example, my taxi driver phone ring is the Gayatri mantra, when I pay the electricity bill, it is shakti bill, when I go to the ATM it is LAxmi bank (the Goddess of wealth). Here you cant escape it, and evrytime you meet someone, greeting is Namaste "the Divine in me salutes the Divine in you".

Recently I was reading a post on a website: "Come to Goa, India, the motherland of Yoga", I could not stop laughing, in Goa you will find tourist, the true yogis have always delved in the Himalaya!

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Kathmandu, Nepal
December 24, 2011 

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