Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learn to Teach Yoga in Spain (Yoga TTC)

After several trips to Asia, I have decided to take my next sabbatical to lands a bit nearer to home (UK). Having grown accustomed to warm sunny climates, I think that southern Europe has regained a lot of its charm, now that Asia is inundated with foreign tourists on package holidays, health tourists wanting plastic surgery, and backpackers looking for the cheapest or most uninhabited spot. In addition, Central and Eastern Europe’s bubble appears to have just about burst now that the novelty has worn off, and the cost of things has increased along with the number of drunken Brits and Swedes.

Spain looks to be great value this summer and a four-week trip can easily include a relaxing (I think) three-week break at a Yoga resort. There are several stages to learn and perform Yoga, from beginners for fun or just to try it out, through advanced, instructor and level-two instructor. Like many activities such as this, there will always be those who try it once or twice and give up, some who make it a hobby, and others who go all the way and make a career out of it. To be honest, I can’t see myself becoming a level-two Yoga instructor, well at least not this year. However, if anyone wants to learn to teach Yoga in Spain (TTC) then there are several options of professional Yoga training centres, specifically and surprisingly on the island of Ibiza. It is important to use a training centre that has a reliable and easy-to-check set up and history, especially in Asia, near the roots of Yoga. Additionally, a place that doesn’t have too many students on each course, to enable each one to get lots of good attention and plenty of personal instruction is essential before you part with over one thousand Euros.

So, Spain it is, and probably Ibiza, although I will have to exercise a lot of self control to get myself safely past all the bars, clubs, parties and sexy bodies distracting me from the beach. I hope that my joints are up for a bit, no a lot, of stretching. It has been a while since I last sat down and did any serious meditation or Yoga. The course to become an instructor is my main goal this time, but I am still not quite sure how far I will get, nor how beneficial the career move will be. However, the price is good, including accommodation, and the physical and psychological benefits that I will receive are going to be priceless.



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