Friday, August 9, 2013

Yogi-nomad's selection for an Indian journey

India is not just another country, with over a billion people, 35 states, twice that many languages and an exotic transportation system, traveling in India can be challenging, but it can also be the journey of a life time. 

This is what YN suggest, there are of course many more place we have not been...

Himachal Pradesh / Dharamshala:
Uttar Pradesh / Varanasi
  • Talk a city tour with Varanasi Walk 
  • Hang out in Asi Ghat, reading Banaras, City of Light by Diana L. Eck
  • Get your breakfast at Om Cafe and learn the latest about the city with Sivani
Uttar Pradesh / Other
    • Of course Agra and the Taj Mahal
    • We have not been but would recommend some time in Vrindavan the City of lord Krishna

    Bihar / Bodh Gaya
    • Walk with the pilgrim at 4am listening "sangham saranam gachami"
    • Learn Tibetan Buddhism at the Root Institute 
    • Visit the vulture cave, home of the famous "Heart Sutra"

    Bihar / Munger

    Tamil Nadu
    • Learn Ayurveda
    • or do a full Panchakarma
    • Enjoy the beach!
    Rishikesh (that if you really must go)
    From Nepal, you could follow the Buddhist trail
    • Lumbini, Buddha's birth place
    • Kushinagar, Buddha's Maha Samadhi
    • Sarnat, Buddha first teaching after enlightenemnt
    • Bodh Gaya (see above)
    Read (do not go for guide book, real real books!)
    • Are you experienced by William Sutcliffe
    • A Search In Secret India, by Paul Brunton
    • Banaras, City of Light by Diana L. Eck
    • Seeing Spiritual India, A guide to temples, Holy Sites and Tradition by Stephen Knapp
    And many more to come... we will complete as we go, this is just a start to wet your appetite.

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