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Happiness is our moral duty. By Gaby

Happiness is our moral duty
The Universality of the quest for Happiness.
This article is based on the assumption that everyone is looking for Happiness, hence we recognize “the universality of the search for happiness”. If you do subscribe to that prior hypothesis, just send me an email. I have failed to find anyone yet who is not looking for Happiness, even if it is in some crooked ways.
General confusion about Happiness
Obviously a corollary to the first assumption is that only a few people succeed in the search, since there seems to be so much misery on the world. Which lead me to believe that many do not know where to search, as if one searches earnestly, one finds!
Where to find Happiness
Happiness comes from inside, from a place beyond fear and desire. Fear is the past, desire the future, forget about these two impostors and look just now. It is there. Just quiet your talking mind and look inside you’ll end up finding it. Of course there may be some mess to clean if you have not gone to that place in a long time, but no-one placed that mess there but you, so you’ll be able to get rid of it quickly.
What does Happiness look like (how do you recognize when you find it)
Happiness is free, no one to pay, nothing to buy. It has a lifetime guarantee (and even more), it is infinite in quantity and stable in quality. If your happiness is flickering, coming on and off, that’s not the right one yet. You may be getting close but have not reached yet. Keep searching.

How to get help on the way
Meet happy people it helps because happiness is contagious. How do you know happy people? Easy: when un-happy people are still looking for happiness (and would rush to grab it they’d see a drop of it), happy people are not looking anymore. On the contrary, they exude happiness, because they’ve also realized that happiness is eternal and infinite, so they can’t run out of stock. These people are also very simple and straight forward. They do not need stuff around them nor pretend to be anything. On the contrary, for them stuff around is risky, this is how we may lose Happiness it in the first place. Some people say to find happiness you have to renounce material stuff, they may be right but even if you don’t, the day you find Happiness you renounce anyway. Why would you need anything else in life?
Benefits of finding Happiness I you doubt that it is worth to start the search ;-)
One of the good news, since Happiness comes from inside, you do not depend on any one or anything to be find, keep and maintain Happiness. Nothing to do, nothing to buy, and in our individualistic prone world, that is priceless: you have a total autonomy and independence of your source of Happiness.
Another good news, is that as soon as you will find Happiness you will notice people around will find it too. They will start by wondering were did you get it, and when they discover they’ll go get their share. In turn people around will be Happy. And since all these people revolve in your near universe, from Happiness you will start to experience bliss.
Beyond your friends, Happiness impact your health, by connecting you with some deep source of healing energy. You will hardly need a doctor and you may even be able to heal other people too.
Happiness is our moral duty
Now why is it a moral duty? Quite simple too. If you have ever met a happy person, you would know that they are incapable of any wrong doing. They are generosity incarnated. Happiness feeds Happiness. Happy people suddenly have so much Happiness that you can’t do anything else than distribute some around you, in whatever form. So this is when we will realize that if every body was happy, there would not be much trouble in this world. Because even the worse dictator, the worse assassin in the world is looking for that one thing: happiness, but they are just looking the wrong way. Would everyone be happy, then non one would hurt anyone. Hence we must find that source of happiness in ourselves so we can start spreading the news around, dispensing loads of Happiness for everyone to share. That is the only way we can change the world.
Wishing All tons of Happiness!
Sarva Mangalam

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